If you’ve ever wanted to visit the diner from Pulp Fiction or throw a pizza on the roof of Walter White’s home in New Mexico*, you should definitely take a look at Urban Sharks Productions on Youtube.

These brothers and filmmakers visit the real-life locations for some of the best and most iconic films and television in history. If you head on over to their Youtube Channel you can see some of the locations they’ve scouted.

Here you can see them scouting the site of the World Banc building and the Traveler’s Coffee Shop from the heist film Swordfish (2001). When not serving the machinations of John Travolta’s character, these spaces are actually the Bank of Italy building and a restaurant in the city of Ventura! In this particular video the Urban Sharks have helpfully color-corrected their footage to that odd sepia that was all the rage in the late 90s and early 2000s in order to better compare it to stills from the film.

Another iconic film location is the Sanctuary Adventist Church in Lancaster, California. You may recognize this as the church from Kill Bill, where Uma Thurman’s character The Bride attempts to get married without the knowledge of her master assassin husband, Bill, played by David Carradine. Similar to the first video, the Urban Sharks have color-corrected their shots to grayscale in order to match the flashback scenes from the film.

When you’re done checking out these famous places, head on over to Wrapal to find your perfect location before it’s featured on the Hollywood Star Tours!

*Please do not throw pizza on the roof of the house from Breaking Bad.