This Memorial Day, to honor our men and women in uniform, Wrapal has assembled a list of the best locations to set your next military or police production in! This is by no means an exhaustive list. On the contrary, it just scrapes the surface of what we have to offer!

1. Office Building

Every service member knows the “importance’ of bureaucracy in the armed forces. From NSA headquarters to furious debates in front of map-clad whiteboards, office buildings feature prominently in many military films. Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty has pitched many an argument while around a circular table, Michael Pena in Shooter sneaks around the FBI headquarters exposing a conspiracy, and even the Treadstone military experimentation group in the Bourne Series requires a mundane office space to conceal their nefarious activities. So get those papers pushing and those keyboards clacking for your next military headquarters, base, or field office in your film!

2. Gun Range

What’s more “military” than guns? And more importantly, what’s more “military” than gun safety! Its inevitable in a tour of war films that you’ll happen across gun range scenes. Imagine soldiers standing and lying prone, shooting at targets down-range with ominous music. Maybe they’re joshing each other in a competition, or even a Full Metal Jacket-style boot camp scene full of yelling drill sergeants. This location offers many firing booths, a large range, and clubhouse building for many varied settings necessary for your shoot. Lock-and-load and get shooting, because this range is ready for filming!

3. Police Station

Whether it’s MP’s or just P’s, law enforcement plays an important role in military films. Police dramas, and sometimes comedies, are common place in TV and film so there is no reason they have to be out of your budget. This location features two desks, filing cabinets, and moody lighting, complete with all of the police memorabilia needed for interrogations, discussions around the water cooler, and come-to-jesus moments for well-to-do-teens. The studio also comes with a lighting, grip, and camera packages to help sweeten the deal. Break out those donuts, heavy badges, and cop mustaches; it’s time to film!

4. Remote Desert Airstrip

Okay we’re moving on from the mundane side of the military film… and into the action! This desert airstrip strips away the drab lifestyle of the office and throws you right into the thick of it. Sitting on a whopping 45,000 sq ft of land, this airstrip features views of the mountains in the distance, untamed desert, and seclusion from the surrounding town to really set the mood. Enemies closing in on all sides? Air support 3 clicks out? Press record and keep your head down!

5. Outlaw/Meth House/Shack

Finally, your heroes close in on the bad guys who have holed up in a run-down shack… or they are sneaking up on a heavily armed group of rebels? Maybe they’re pinned down in their last stand by endless hordes of faceless goons. Whatever the situation, this moody shed will provide a visually interesting and varied setting with 5 acres of land to shoot on. So get creative! Let the night vision goggles slide on and the blanks fly (with proper permitting) at this thematic location!

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