If you didn’t catch the Super Bowl yesterday, don’t worry, neither did Tom Brady! However, Wrapal has curated a list of some great sports locations for your fantasy film about the Patriots winning. Check it out.

Beverly Hills Indoor Basketball Court

The most versatile of the locations on the list, Beverly Hills Indoor Basketball Court features a full NBA sized basketball court, convertible for volleyball, hot yoga studio, locker rooms, and meeting rooms for a whole variety of interesting locations both athletic and not.

Pasadena High School Football Field

A full size football field, track, parking lot, home & away bleachers, and a park next door? So much flexibility for the size and scope of your next sports-themed production.

Toluca Lake Tennis & Fitness Club

On the fancier side of sporting is the Tennis & Fitness Club. 70,000 sqft of tennis courts and indoor fitness complex are perfect for that Vineyard Vines and eggshell-white skirts look or the fully competitive atmosphere. So roll those cameras, do your best tennis-player yelp, and get filming!

John Muir High School Mustang Field

This artificial turf football field includes brand new bleachers, a full track, and night lights for athletic shoots of all kind. A rainy night time football game? A 100m dash Finals? Or just a friendly jog between to friends around the track, this location has a lot to offer creatively. 

Soccer Field

Of course we have to give a shout out to the other football. This indoor soccer arena houses 4 seperate soccer fields with dividing nets and 110,000 sqft of space. Each field is cordoned off to allow for privacy and for your shots not to be interrupted by wayward kicks.

We hope you enjoyed these locations and they inspired you to make some great sports films! Also….this is a Tide Ad. ????????

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