Dave is a retired theater producer/playwright, the founder of the famous SpookyWorld Theme Park in Boston, and recipient of the TicketMaster million ticket seller award. He owns and operates the North Hollywood Spectacular Home & Tiki Bar and all the respective listings on the compound. Check out the 360 and Video Tour of the property below!

Tell us about your property.

I sought a property with whimsical personality. Boy, this is it… I viewed 61 open houses and drove my broker to near hard drugs. The guest cottages are named after old school early actors Tracy, Hepburn, and Payton. FYI, they were actually built by owners Bob Hope and Bing Crosby for the purpose of housing their road films staff.

We noticed each part of the compound has a different theme. Could you tell us more about that?

THE HEPBURN COTTAGE views like a cottage at Big Bear.
THE TRACY COTTAGE is a modern bachelor pad.
THE PAYTON Is your typical NYC flat.
THE MAIN HOUSE is a California ranch with modern touches.
THE GROUNDS has many different views; one section has a very Palm Springs modern look, another section reads like an outdoor restaurant and lounge with a spectacular poolside tiki bar.

Do you ever get to cameo in the scene?

I got a quick cameo in the TLC/Snoop Dogg video, I was Ron Jeremy’s gay lover holding hands watching a house burn in “Killing Joan”, and I was a party guest in the Santiago series.

What are some of the crazier productions you’ve hosted?

The Geico national TV Spots were hilarious. We couldn’t stop laughing all day long… and they loved the fact that they could shoot three spots in one day at one location. That’s our huge advantage; many looks under one roof.  No need to relocate.

Republic Records shot many music videos here. Tom Bergeron (Dancing With The Stars) just recently shot a movie here, and we had another comedy shoot here with one of the scenes requiring eight barely dressed ladies soaping down his expensive car. My neighbors thought David had finally lost his mind…

What’s next for your space?

I am adding a production area for filmmakers to occupy, access for hair/makeup/wardrobe, and an extra green room chill space.

What’s been your favorite Wrapal shoot so far?

I love my Wrapal gigs. Wrapal creates an even playing field for filmmakers to have access to A-list locations without the inflated markups of several go-betweens. Wrapal has brought great opportunities to connect filmmakers to some over the top, never-before-seen locations.

What are some of the benefits of listing and booking with Wrapal?

Wrapal is so easy to use with a simple booking procedure and inquiry systems, and great company support.

You’re in the restaurant supply business as well; How does that impact working with filmmakers?

It’s been great because I can offer young filmmakers supplies and equipment at no cost while they are filming here. That includes tables, table cloths, chairs, patio furniture, flame towers, signage, serving supplies, bar supplies, etc.

What do you do for fun when you’re not busy hosting guests or filmmakers?

I still produce live stage theatre every so often and enjoy discovering my fairly new California experience with my best friend Cindy; recently engaged to be married.

If you could manage any film location in the world to rent out to film shoots, what would it be and why?  

This is it, this is the place, I am thrilled to supply my best kept secret location to new filmmakers and also be a personality in their shoots.

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