Entrants must create and produce an original short film that takes place entirely in one location. In addition to the film, entrants must make a 1-2 minute BTS video walking us through their set, plus a floor plan outlining their lighting setups. Entrants must then submit these materials on the Light This Location website.


Your BTS video should tell the judges how you lit everything and how you used the lights to augment your story and location. Your floor plan should demonstrate how you got creative with your lighting setups! Make a top-down diagram of your lights, your camera, your set, and whatever else will demonstrate to the judges the mechanics of your shoot. 


Your production will be scored on how well you stuck to one location. If it’s in a playground, it must stay in the playground, if its in a dealership, it must stay in the dealership. Stages with multiple sets or extensive green screen work are not allowed. Extra points will be given to films that can stay within the same room or at a single geographical point.


Best of all it’s free to submit to the festival! Submissions open June 25th, 2018 and closes August 24th, 2018.

Check out Corridor Digital’s submission HERE and their BTS video HERE



Corridor Digital
Mike Ashman
Edward Lee
Michael Sutton
Brent Barbano
Luke Neumann
Brian L. Tan (BLT)



Grand Prize features:

2x 300d, 3x 120d, 2x LS-1s, Light Dome, Space Light, Tube Lighting Kit, $500 credit to Premium Beat, 2-Year Subscription to Savage Stock, a Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler, and much much more! And that’s just the grand prize!

This festival will give prize packages to Most Creative Lighting, Audience Award, Best Female Filmmaker, Best BTS Video, Most Creative Location, and 3 Runner Ups!

Check out the other pries HERE

How Can Wrapal Help Applicants?

Wrapal is teaming up with Aputure to help you secure the best location possible for your production! We have over 1,600 properties in the LA and NY areas and we now offer Property Assurance to filmmakers looking to cover their shoots!

We have partnered with Aputure to help you with this! Visit our site and use the code LIGHTTHISLOCATION at checkout for an exclusive discount.

About Aputure

 Aputure was founded in 2005 by a team of inspired filmmakers and videographers who wanted to create high-quality content, but struggled with steep cost of equipment needed to do so. Determined to create professional-grade equipment at an affordable price, they started Aputure: the first company to provide truly affordable and professional cinema equipment with the quality and functions needed to fully realize any creative vision.

Today, Aputure sells globally with offices in the US, Europe and Asia. It is one of the fastest growing cinema technology companies, designing and specializing in lighting and high-end camera accessories including but not limited to: LED Lights, Field Monitors, Microphones and Follow Focus Systems.

As a part of the creative community, Aputure continues to develop for the ever-expanding needs of budding artists and professionals alike. Each member of the A-team has felt the burning desire to bring a creative vision to life at all costs. We’re here to keep that fire alive.


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