Wrapal founder Brian Tan sat with the founders of myproducer.io to get info on the new hiring platform for filmmakers and producers. Say hello to the dynamic duo of Jordi and Jasper!

The Guys Behind Myproducer.io

 Meet Jordi Matsumoto

Jordi is an Ohio-Native and the son of two immigrants. He “landed” in Los Angeles, 12 years ago and spent time working with Fortune 500 executives in the consulting world before making his way to more creative endeavors. His pedigree of working with clients like Disney, Sony Electronics, Burger King, and many others, gave him a strong business foundation to start working creatively.

In 2010, Jordi joined Moxie, at the time a top ten digital ad agency. He helped broker deals with notable clients including BBC America, HP, and Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. In the midst of contemplating a new creative start at companies like Hulu and TBWA/Chiat/Day, Jordi instead decided to strike out on his own.

In 2012, he started Marching Penguin, Digital Production Studio. The “Penguin” has gone on to produce more than 1000 videos for such notable clients including Fox, Sony, Ford, Hulu, EndemolShine, Otterbox, and many more. At the core of the small production company, there has been a desire to include technology to improve the process of working with creatives.

The consistent work of Marching Penguin allowed for the development of a proprietary app to manage productions, which is finally set to launch to the public in beta this summer. The app, under the umbrella of myproducer.io, is part of a larger vision for finding and managing talent in the production industry.


Meet Jasper Grey:

Jasper Grey is a Los Angeles-native producer & manager who founded the creative development shingle Fortunate Falls in 2015. Grey has set up multiple film projects at different companies including THE REACH, written by Joshua Malkin (CABIN FEVER 2) with Cross Creek Pictures, and is slated for production on the company’s first feature film VESTIGE in Q3 of this year.

Grey represents emergent writers, visual artists, and directors under the boutique label The Fallen MGMT. several of whom have won or been featured in industry-elite lists such as the Tracking-Board’s The Hit List, The Bloodlist, and the Samuel Goldwyn Award.

Grey is represented by Ashley Briskman and Greg Gellman at Morris Yorn et. al.

How  myproducer.io launched:

With the groundwork of an internal app and numerous other talent management tools developed by Marching Penguin, the stage was set for something bigger. Grey and Matsumoto connected in 2017, in the most Los Angeles way possible, in the aftermath of a hot yoga class at Corepower in Westwood. They quickly found common ground while talking about the similar careers they had chosen in production. Soon after, they sat down and discussed the multitude of issues they have respectively faced along the way, and the conversation kept coming back to one word: Community.

Their partnership grew from there and led to the recent launch of the myproducer.io marketplace.

So what is MyProducer.io? 

Myproducer.io is currently a place for producers and production staff to come together. Job Seekers can create accounts, set up job alerts, and apply for jobs for free. There are some nominal fees for boosting exposure on the site. However, there’s no requirement to pay to be a part of the community.

Those offering jobs can post for a week for free. Longer postings are available for a fee, and the staff is always on hand to cross-promote postings to ensure that good applicants find their way to good productions.

In Matsumoto’s own words, “myproducer.io is more than a marketplace. It’s a vision for how Hollywood can be better. At the core of our efforts is this idea that we want our industry to be known for its amazing people. Just in the same way that Silicon Valley has a reputation for being innovative and forward-thinking, we think Hollywood can evolve its reputation to be one of creative collaboration and community.”

Grey commented, “The Community is everything. In all walks of life, but none-so-much-so as the Entertainment Industry. People have this misconception that our industry is glutted with negativity. We can help craft a global imagination, and we can dispel the perception of negativity by showing the community uniting. That’s the big picture. That’s what myproducer.io is to me, and what we’re trying make happen step-by-step.”

Matsumoto added, “We’re taking a long view here. No gimmicks. We’re not trying to fool anyone. It’s hard to get people to create job postings and to even post their profiles online. We’re in the trenches, trying to show people the authenticity behind the brand though. So, I think you’ll find that if you visit the site, there’s no filler and no cutting corners. Sure, we don’t have thousands of job postings like a massive job board might, yet. But we also don’t have a bunch of crappy postings and profiles to sift through. So, if people want to join us on this journey, I think that it will take some time, but together we’ll at the very least make our industry a better place to work in.”


Get in touch:

The guys are enthusiastic to hear from folks in the community. If you want to reach out to them directly, their e-mail addresses are:

jordi@myproducer.io (mailto:jordi@myproducer.io)

grey@myproducer.io (mailto:grey@myproducer.io)

You can also follow them on social media. Like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/myproducer.io or follow them on Instagram (@myproducer.io (http://myproducer.io)). Myproducer.io hosts monthly networking events. You can find more information on their next event, April 26th, on their Facebook page.

Also, visit the site to get started with a free profile and/or job posting today.

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