Bomb cyclones may be over now but winter lingers on in the Northeast. Here in sunny LA we don’t have to worry about snow storms but for our NY users it’s all too real. So to provide some inspiration during these cold months, we have compiled a list of 5 cozy indoor locations for your mid-winter production!

Cabin-like Studio/ Loft with Private Desk

Filled to the brim with knick-knacks and color, this loft is the opposite of a cold winter street. It’s hip and fun and an ideal set for your next quirky rom-com movie or “looking-out-the-window-on-a-cold-day” coffee commercial!

Bay Ridge Home

A more elegant approach to a warm winter abode, the Bay Ridge Home harkens back to decades past in its style and decor. It has a yard for whimsical slo-mo snowball fights, living rooms with pianos, and lace curtains. This ex-boarding house has all the trappings of a wintery shoot.

Stylish 1856 Victorian Farmhouse

Quaint and homey with a beautiful historic Victorian front, this house comes complete with high ceilings, large open rooms, and a complementary dog. Perfect for a heart warming family film or maybe even a horror movie, the choice is yours!

Brick Family Home

This All-American home is everything you need for a suburban period piece. Filled with fun pastels, lots of plants and a cute backyard, you can practically see the pebbles being thrown at windows, phone cords being twirled around fingers, and golden retrievers barking excitedly.

Meditation Center

A little curveball for the last location. As much as they probably wish, people don’t stay home all winter and neither should your shoot. This meditation center has large empty rooms, an expansive unkempt backyard, and a bright sunroom for all different styles. Build up a set in an empty room or keep it minimalist, the world is yours!