It all finally feels real. After months of cajoling acquaintances for funding, calling in every favor you have, and making what many call a “quaint” Kickstarter video, you’ve finally secured enough funding to begin pre-production on your short film! You’ve got your equipment, your main cast, and most of your crew all locked in. All you need now is to find your locations.

Seeing as you’re a small indie production, you don’t exactly have access to major location scouts, so you’re left with a few options. You can ask around to your immediate circle of acquaintances, you can scour Craigslist for locations, or you can drive around and knock on a few doors. What do you want to do?

So you booked with Wrapal?

Good choice! Wrapal is full of property owners that are looking to rent their places out to filmmakers. Search for just what you need and work out the details before you even scout the location!