HIVEMIND FILMS is a modern production company powered by the world’s top filmmakers; specializing in original content, branded documentaries, commercials, and features.

What’s your origin story? What got you started in the film biz? Also, how did you come up with your name? Was it a hivemind decision?

HIVEMIND originated as RED Digital Cinema’s in-house production team. We traveled the world creating their marketing content: including the RED Collective series, Behind-the-Scenes, and editing the various RED reels. Part of what makes us so unique is the fact that we’ve experienced nearly every shooting situation imaginable.

As for our name, HIVEMIND is a reflection of our belief that strong collaboration is the key to making amazing content. Being creative as a team is what we love the most, with everyone working together towards a singular goal.

Who would you say are your filmmaking/artistic influences are and how do you stay creative?

We’ve been influenced by every artist we’ve worked with over the years; Mark Toia, Ivan Agerton, Shannon Wild, and all of the collective subjects really. Each has taught us a little in their own way. 

To stay creative, we always want to be adapting, and creating content that challenges us, we thrive on being pushed into new directions.

One of the ways we find inspiration is by engaging with the world around us, and trying to understand our feelings, by participating in life we can then interpret it for ourselves. Taking it in and reflecting it back on-screen is a beautiful experience we can all enjoy together.

What’s been your favorite project to work on? And what can we see you in next?

One of our favorite projects was the Wilds Collective, where we traveled to Borneo and lived on a riverboat while shooting. Going outside of our comfort zone and experiencing different perspectives has been amazing, and we’re extremely grateful for the opportunities RED has given us.

HIVEMIND is in the process of developing some incredible new projects for RED and various other partners this year to debut at CINEGEAR.

Our favorite current project is one that we shot featuring Angenieux lenses- actually at an amazing location that we found on Wrapal! It was the perfect choice for what we were looking for; the space was beautiful and the process was simple. 

We were shooting on the Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic 30-72 and 42-420 A2S, and they really took advantage of the wide area and looked gorgeous. Our on-screen actor was shooting using the EZ 1 and 2 lenses, which are another favorite set of lenses we love shooting on. The look from these lenses really brought the piece to life. We will be releasing that piece just in time for NAB this week, so you can see the content on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

You do a lot besides filming (i.e. the rental business) – how do you balance everything? How do you not burn out?

Collaboration is everything, and supporting ourselves with an incredible team is the only way to balance everything that comes our way. We also believe in working to live, not living to work. It’s important to make time for yourself, family, and new experiences; these are the things that fuel our creativity and passion for life.

What’s your worst finding a location horror story?

In the past there have been miscommunications on what was and wasn’t allowed to happen at various locations, so we have to adapt, flexibility and spontaneous creativity are crucial. This is part of what is so great about a locations service like Wrapal, it simplifies the process to make it effective for everyone involved. 

What do you like the most about Wrapal?

Wrapal has been a life saver. As budgets and timelines for projects get tighter, as a producer you have to wear multiple hats and problem-solve quickly, locations being one of them. Wrapal makes pre-production a lot easier and more fun, the process itself is probably what we love most. The fact that we can find realistic locations this quickly has changed the way we handle pre-production. Not only is booking a location easy but it gives us inspiration as filmmakers in the conception phase to explore potential locations. 

What kind of advice would you give to filmmakers who are contemplating going the indie vs. the studio route?

Both will have challenges regardless. As long as you surround yourself with a supportive team that aligns with your vision, anything is possible. 


Directed by: Clyde Bessey (@clydebessey)

VFX: Jason Mitcheltree (@cowboypowerranger)

Produced by: Andrea Dondanville(@dreadondanville)

Featuring: @kempersisters

As always we love to include our partners, @reddigitalcinema 

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